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Power your decisions with Analytics

Analytics has become a part of every organizations for making informed and intelligent Decisions.

Future of Analytics summit is about effective use of data and analytical tools in its every Functional department s and operations to its maximum potential for future business Growth.

It is a premier knowledge-exchange platform which brings all Directors,VP,General Managers, Head Analytics, Business Intelligent, Data Science, Analysts, Consumer Insights, Market Research community together to share ideas, information and solutions around the framework, innovation and trends all key developments that will enable Analytics to become key decision aggregator of Future Business.

Featured Speakers

Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

Evolution of Smart Analytics: Use of AI,ML,cognitive Technology in Decision Making

With Design Thinking understand new approach of using analytics information

Know your Customers closely with Analytics

Artificial Intelligence: Separating the hype from reality

Optimizing the supply chain process by use of effective predictive analytics

Who Should Attend Future Of Analytics Summit 2019 ?




Head of Analytics


Head of Consumer insights


Head Business Intelligence


Marketing,Finance and Operation Analysts


Head of Data Management


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Professionals all others who are related to Analytics activities of organizations.